Friday, May 11, 2007

Der mensch trakht ur got lahkht

Need to keep the blog chuggin' along -- so just posting some photos that I just uploaded to a new set on Flickr (click LES, to see the whole set). These were taken just yesterday afternoon, on a trip HyeRyung and I took down to our friend's Matt and Mara, who live in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. As we live in Queens, and work in Midtown or sometimes further downtown, it isn't often we get to hang out in this part of town. Also Matt and Mara have access to a roof which has some of the most incredible views of the city I have ever seen. Next time I'll be sure to take my camera over at night, but until then, check these photos out.

HyeRyung & Mara checking out the view


The last holdouts in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood

Here comes progress!

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