Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 231st America!

After having neglected the blog once again (I have a few half done posts in my draft box, I swear!) -- I am finally back with some pics from last nights fireworks display . This year HyeRyung and I decided to try our luck viewing the fireworks from the Manhattan side of the East River (last year I saw them from Long Island City in Queens).

Our goal was to make it all the up to the river somewhere on FDR Drive where traffic was closed and the road opened for public viewing. We nearly made it early this year, however we made it to about 1st Ave and 23rd St by the time the first volley of shells were launched. It was quite a scene to be in the midst of the excited crowd -- as people of all ages, etc began to hurriedly rush as we all heard the first BOOMs. HyeRyung and decided to setup camp just short of FDR, and we were lucky to have caught most of the show as well as find a nice spot where I was able to setup my tripod and capture a few nice shots -- including...

For more please visit my July 4th 2007 Flickr Set!

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